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From Newspaper Boy through Engineering to Recruiter, with several stops on the journey to today! John Rose CPC [also known as Resourcefuljohn] has over many years embraced change, developed new skills and shared them with the passion and belief that ‘the world is not flat’ and ‘you can teach old dogs new tricks’. John Rose CPC is an exponent for everyone to apply 'Best Practices' and the effective and beneficial utilization of Social Media to connect, communicate and collaborate with people and businesses.   Even with the advancements in technology, John Rose CPC strongly believes "people make businesses succeed".  John's passion is about people and business people re-engineering. John does train others and talk about recruiters | recruitment | careers | job search | social media as a tool. Being an early adopter of new tools and process in the recruitment and careers market, John Rose CPC  believes in learning through communication and collaboration. Presently on the Board of Advisers to AIESEC LAURIER - a graduate student led business that facilitates international student internships.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Similarities between Pest and Talent Management!

Having just put the finishing touches to my presentation for the upcoming talk to 300+ Golf Course Superintendents on Embracing Leadership, the organizers called and mentioned that the talk needs to comply with certification requirements of the society...can I 'tweek' my presentation please?!!!

TWEEK...re-think is closer to the mark...On reading the 'criteria' I found that there are strong similarities between Integrated Pest Management - IPM (http://bit.ly/5OcjFc) and Talent Management...apart from the obvious. So 'tweeking' it is...

4 Stages of IPM: 1. Set Action Thresholds 2. Monitor and Identify Pests 3. Prevention 4. Control

4 Stage of Talent Management: 1. Develop and Set Action Control Points 1. Identify Talent Requirements 3. Internal Re-structuring 4. External Targeted Solutions

The only area of non-similarity I can see is during the 4th Stage of IPM - Control - when they talk about 'disrupting pest mating'...don't want to consider that even when working with a Family run business.